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Door Stripping & Renovation

The first thing we need to know is what wood the door is made out of – hard or softwood,

This information will enable us to

 identify which of our processes should be used.  

Please note that hardwood should never be dipped,   (submerse in a water bourn chemical).


We are happy to quote for re finishing your doors, even re sizing if required.


The height & width measurements would also be useful to handy to have at hand when talking to us.



 If you are not sure what timbers have been used in the construction of your door,

And you don’t wish to scrape away at the paintwork currently on them,


It has been our experience that most painted doors aren’t painted on the very top surface.

If you can safely get up high enough to have a look, this might be a good starting point.

Also if you can sink a finger nail into the timber, there’s a fair chance it’s softwood.


If you are unable to ascertain what timbers have been used in the constuction of your doors, we will be happy to do this for you.


If you are renovating an old property, have a close look at any doors that have a 1960s flat surface look,

They could well be much older and just have hard board sheets tacked to their surfaces!


Hinges,latches, and locks can be left in place on your door, but coat hooks, bakerlight handles, should be removed,

And please look out for & remove any sellotape or stickers - even if thay have been painted over!


We are happy to quote for re finishing your doors, even re sizing if required.

                                                                                 Photograph of our work, courtesy of www.ortc.co.uk

     An Antique oak & pine
            French door
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